Tiago Machado is a designer working at the intersection of design, technology and business.

He focus on building teams, brands and products at scale with real world measurable impact. He builds bridges and connects the dots between mission, vision and strategy, while leading through ambiguity.

Tiago is researching the relation between persuasive design, design ethics and the online shopping experience as part of his PhD in Communication Design at the University of Lisbon.

He holds an MFA in Communication Design and New Media from the University of Lisbon, and a BA in Graphic Design and Advertising from the Polytechnic Institute of Porto.

He is a co-founder and course director of the Postgraduate in Digital Experience Design at the University of Lisbon. Learning while teaching is what makes him tick.

Currently he’s focused on product design at the Volkswagen Group and manages Boooom. Previously was the Head of Design at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Get in touch! mail@tiagomachado.com
Portfolio available upon request.